MRCI is a leading global market research firm and the largest provider of custom research to the video game industry. 

We service more than 50 video game companies, as well as industry leaders in entertainment, media, and technology.

Our innovative Significant Live Sample (SLS) methodology ensures product quality and marketing effectiveness while guaranteeing the security of confidential assets.

We operate 7 days/week, 18 hours/day with alternating internal daytime and nighttime teams in order to deliver your results faster and provide you with superior service.

MRCI was founded in 2007 and has a 50-person team. The company operates worldwide, with bases in South Florida, South San Francisco, and Osaka.

Extensive Experience

MRCI has conducted 1000+ qualitative and quantitative studies. We run more custom video game research studies per year than any other vendor.

Unique Significant Live Sample (SLS) Methodology

High sample size in-person testing. Hybrid qual + quant deliverable. Total security of confidential assets. Ideal for product, media, and concept testing.

Expansive Normative Database

We have aggregated consistent data points across hundreds of thousands of survey responses to create the largest normative database of video game playtest scores in the industry, as well as an extensive database of non-playtest online survey scores.

Unparalleled Recruiting Capabilities

Superior quality, higher accuracy, and faster turnaround time on recruiting. We are one of the only full-service vendors that handles recruiting internally rather than outsourcing to third-party subcontractors. Respondents undergo a rigorous five-step screening process: database registration, email screening, phone screening, Google/LinkedIn/Facebook check, and in-person re-screening.

Fast Delivery

Topline report delivered in 48 hours upon completion of all projects, including weekends. We operate 18 hours/day, 7 days/week, leveraging an internal daytime and nighttime staff.

Exceptional White Glove Service

Your dedicated project manager, moderator, and team of analysts will customize the research to your specific needs, take ownership of the project from greenlight to final deliverable, and provide the highest level of support every day, night, weekend, and holiday.

In-House Capabilities

MRCI is unique in that each component of your research is handled internally rather than outsourced to third-party agencies. As a result, our quality, speed, and pricing is superior to other full-service research firms, which are generally outsourcing various components of the project.

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