TenCent Dominates the Market

By November 26, 2017Market Value

Asian Tech Company TenCent Holdings just became the first Asian company to reach a market value of 500 Billion dollars. 


That’s a big deal.


TenCent Holdings went public in 2004.  Only a handful of companies have outpaced TenCent’s 13 year rise to the half-trillion dollar level: Alphabet, Facebook, and Cisco Systems.  


Amazon took 20 years to reach the $500B mark, just this year.  


Apple took over 30 years to reach $500B, in 2012.  Now worth over $900B, it is the world’s highest valued company.


Now Asia’s most valuable company, and one of the highest valued companies in the world, TenCent is also the biggest video game publisher in the world.  Its Messenger apps like WeChat and QQ messaging are widely used in China, and its recent acquisitions include Epic Games Inc., as well as a slice of Activision Blizzard.


TenCent and its subsidiaries provide various telecommunication and entertainment offerings, including social media, web portals, internet services, smartphones, online games, mobile games, payment systems, and more.  TenCent Music has more than 700 million active users.  


TenCent is dominating the Asian tech market, and is a big player globally as well, now one of the top five valued companies on the planet.  

Watch out World, here comes TenCent!